My teaching philosophy

Everyone learns differently

Most people learn movement using several senses, but usually have one area of strength that defines their approach to learning dance. Kinesthetic learners learn best by feel, or by doing something. Dance with the person, one-on-one so that they feel the movement. Visual learners learn best by watching movement, or by building pictures of what needs to happen, and then trying it on their own body. Analytical learners learn best by thinking about movement. Auditory learners need spoken word cues, sung patterns, or other language to process movement.

Body mindfulness feels good!

My interest and training in anatomy, kinesiology and the body is key to my style of teaching. I teach alignment and the workings of the body in every class, so that you know WHY you are doing a movement. No matter what kind of learner you are, you can improve your balance, core strength, elegance and confidence through learning dance. My job is to get you to a place where you have more of what I call “in-body” experiences!

We can all improve HOW we learn

Learning theory has recently shown that learners need to develop as many ways to learn as possible, in order to have information "stick" better; I help new dancers apply what they already know to their dancing. The more you use what you already know for dance class, the faster you will learn!

ALL learners need repetition, so that the neural pathways in the brain can be formed. However, since we are dancing in different situations, with different dancers, to music that varies, we need to be able to adapt our dance patterns and problem-solve on our feet. I focus on creating good technique that can adapt to situations so that you can feel confident on the dance floor.

Elizabeth stands out from all the other teachers as one of the most experienced and dynamic tango teachers students can learn from. . . . What makes her teaching so valuable is that she can accurately assess where each student is in the tango learning process and adapt her instruction to the needs of each student. She gives informative, specific feedback at the right time to help each student advance to an improved level of performance. She avoids spending time teaching repetitive patterns because mindless repetition of a pattern simply introduces boredom and errors. Elizabeth is dynamic and enthusiastic and eager to engage with students of any age and ability.
— Marcia


@ edis  jurcys photography

@edis jurcys photography

My experience with Elizabeth is marvelous! She’s a great teacher, who can teach in ways that make sense to any type of learner; right-brain, left-brain, visual, auditory, sensory............ whatever your learning style is she’ll have you covered. Very experienced in her field with great insight in how our body mechanics help or hinder our dance-experience. I’d recommend Elizabeth to any dancer, whether you are a beginner or an ‘old-timer’ - your dance will improve!
— Lucia Soppe
@ edis  jurcys photography

@edis jurcys photography