Jose Garofalo in PDX 3/30/17 -4/9/17

I am VERY pleased to announce that I am bringing Jose Garofalo to Portland, Oregon. Jose was one of my first teachers in Buenos Aires, starting in 1999. His group milonga class blew my mind, and in my private lessons, I always walked out with more skill solid, danceable material. I plan to bring him back for the next two years, so this, I hope, will be a good beginning to ongoing study; not just some weekend workshop that you will forget in a week!


Private lessons

Jose is a fabulous follower, as well as an amazing leader. He will inspire you to dance better, and you will have fun doing it!

  • Location: 4315 NE Garfield Ave., PDX 97211.
  • $90/hr or 5/$400 (for 1-2 people).
  • 48-hr. cancellation policy.
  • To schedule, please contact Elizabeth, or by phone 541-914-4812.

Explanation of group class topics

If you look at the class schedule, you will notice that most classes that are not standard drop-in classes at practicas or milongas, are titled either Tracing the Tradition etc., or Nuevo Tango, etc. Because Jose draws from so many parts of tango, I cannot classify him as "traditional" or "nuevo" or "salon" or "confiteria" (his preferred term is NOT milonguero for this style: come find out why at the potluck!). Therefore, I've decided to offer a few different strands of classes, in case you are only interested in one part of the tango tradition :-)

Tracing the Tradition: Jose has studied with many of the great milongueros who either no longer dance, or have died. He is part of Troesmas, a group dedicated to preserving the traditional material of tango. In the “Tracing the tradition” classes, learn some fun “new” old moves to add to your understanding and mastery of tango! Each Traditions class is stand alone, but taking all of them is worth it!

Nuevo Tango: Jose has been part of Nuevo Tango since its inception in the early 1990s. He was part of the group who developed this style of tango. He has also with Tango Protesta and other performance art groups. He continues to push the envelope on theatrical, experimental tango. The classes on exchanging roles, dramatic elements and experimenting with tango, come from this part of his training.

30 Years of Tango: What makes Jose the tango dancer/teacher/performer that he is, is taking all the elements of tango available to him, combining it with his art and theater experience, and forging interesting intersections of these different approaches to tango. He is hard to describe, but easy to learn from!


I am going to try to role balance classes. Because that takes more time than any other part of workshop organizing, I am giving you an incentive to bring your own partner by making it cheaper to come as a couple! You may switch/roles or not as you like, but if you sign up as a couple, you need to have at least one leader and one follower within the couple who are willing to dance with each other!!

Crazy special

Take ALL the classes (not counting the three at milongas and practicas, which need to be paid to those organizers):

$150/person ($65 savings)

$295/couple ($135 savings off full rate)





    Group class schedule

    Thursday 3/30

    7:30 PM: Meet Jose! All-levels class at Thursday Night Milonga (Norse Hall, 111 NE 11th Ave.)

    Friday 3/31

    7-9 PM: Tracing the tradition: tango (Dance with Joy,  7981 SE 17th Ave.) $30/person or $55/couple, int/adv.

    Saturday 4/1

    1-2:30 PM: Tracing the tradition: Milonga (Dance with Joy,  7981 SE 17th Ave.) $25/person or $45/couple, int./adv.

    2:30-4 PM: Tracing the tradition: Vals (Dance with Joy,  7981 SE 17th Ave.) $25/person or $45/couple, int./adv.

    8 PM: Drop-in lesson at Tango Berretin + Jose DJs and demos! (6305 SE Foster Rd.) $12 lesson + dance, beginner & up

    Sunday 4/2

    1 PM: Drop-in class at Sunday Practica (Viscount Studio, 720 Sandy Blvd.), $14/person

    4:30-6 PM: Nuevo Tango: Dramatic elements for tango (Laurelhurst Club, 3721 Ankeny St.) LIMIT 20 PEOPLE $25/person or $45/couple, int./adv.

    Wednesday 4/5

    6:30 PM: Potluck, videos & charla (chat) with Jose on tango styles, 4315 NE Garfield Ave. (please bring food/drink to share; donation requested)

    Thursday 4/6

    7 PM: Open role FUNdamentals with Jose (Om Studio, 14 NE 10th Ave.) $15/person, beginners and up

    8 PM: Tango, milonga & vals: musicality and playfulness  (Om Studio, 14 NE 10thAve.) $15/person, int. & up

    Friday 4/7

    7-9 PM: Nuevo Tango: Pushing the envelope on lead and follow (Dance with Joy,  7981 SE 17th Ave.) $30/person or $55/couple, int./adv.

    Late PM: Performance at Tres Leches milonga, Viscount, 720 Sandy Blvd.

    Saturday 4/8

    1-2:30 PM: Tracing the tradition: The best of the old masters (Dance with Joy,  7981 SE 17th Ave.) $25/person or $45/couple, int./adv.

    2:30-4 PM: Nuevo Tango: The best of the "new" masters (Dance with Joy,  7981 SE 17th Ave.) $25/person or $45/couple, int./adv.