Like many, I had never stepped foot on a dance floor during my life. Trying to find shortcuts by watching online instructional videos or other people dance only made dancing more difficult to understand. Everything changed when I walked in the door of Elizabeth’s studio. She worked at my pace and knew instinctively the perfect path for me. I learned not only how to dance but to new ways to think, move and experience joy in self-expression. Who knew that one year later I would be able to ask my recently widowed mom to dance at a friend’s wedding? At that moment, dancing was no longer just about me, but about having the ability to use it as a gift to others.
— Jason, Portland

Although I have taught Argentine tango lessons for twenty years, I have taught other dance classes for almost thirty years! Most of my time teaching at the University of Oregon (1991-2008) was devoted to teaching: ballroom classes; salsa and other Latin dances (merengue, cumbia, rumba, cha cha); swing (East Coast, West Coast, lindyhop) and folk dance classes (Eastern and Western European and Middle Eastern). Now that I live in Portland, OR, I have switched the focus of my work from group classes to private lessons. I feel I can best help new dancers one at a time, or with their partner.

I have taught over 5000 people to dance over the years, and I can teach you! Contact me for more information!

Why take private dance lessons?

One-on-one attention shapes better dance technique

In a private dance lesson, you have my full attention. I can shape the lesson for your needs, rather than balancing different learning styles of an entire group. Many people prefer private lessons because of the wealth of detail they can learn one-on-one or in a couple. Also, working privately with a teacher gives you the chance to dance with an expert, rather than other beginners, which speeds up the learning process. It may seem expensive, but in the long run, you will become a better dancer much faster utilizing private lessons.

Shy or anxious people often benefit from private lessons

Many people take private lessons because they are shy or because they suffer from anxiety. It can be very stressful to learn to dance in front of other people. In a private lesson, it feels safer to address the blocks you have to couple dancing. I can help you make a plan for "going public" with your dance, once you feel confident enough to venture out.

I have training dealing with anxiety disorders, and I am also a shy person, so I can help you both learn the dances you want and prepare to do them socially. Remember: a lot of people feel the way that you do!

Come dance with me!