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@edis jurcys photography


I am a dance teacher, anthropologist and traveler, specializing in Argentine tango. I teach group and private classes in Argentine tango in Portland, Oregon. I also teach private classes in wedding preparation, salsa, swing and ballroom.

My journey to teaching dance

I started dancing in college, taking ballroom dance, and I fell in love with it. People told me I was too old to start, too fat to be a ballerina, and not graceful enough. But by the time I graduated, I had taken every dance class offered by my college and was already teaching dance.

After college, I taught English with the Peace Corps. I loved teaching, but I missed dancing. I went back to school and earned an M.A. in dance. I began to study Argentine tango and culture, and I got hooked. I earned another M.A. in cultural anthropology, researching tango in Buenos Aires. The rest is history.

Everyone can be a dancer

Dance is for everyone. There is no such thing as a non-dancer--that person just hasn’t learned to dance yet! I have never met someone I could not teach to dance. I teach beginners, people who are afraid of dancing, advanced tango performers, professionals, couples, college students, and retired people.

My teaching approach

No two people learn dance the same way. I work with my students to craft an approach that is based on their individual needs. After teaching for almost thirty years, I still work on learning new ways to help people develop body awareness, better balance and posture. Read more!