Tango Toning & Technique

We are changing up the format of the Beaverton class. As everyone who has come to class so far is advanced beginner to advanced intermediate so far, this class will be a Tango, Toning and Technique class.

The class has a brief warmup. After that, we do drills focusing on balance, alignment and building strength for your dance. Depending on who comes to class, we might work on: walking, adornos, pivoting, free leg work (boleos, ganchos, etc.). Most of class is dedicated to improving YOUR dance, so that when you dance with someone, you bring the most that you can to your half of the couple.

Although the class is weighted towards follower technique, those of you who want to become good leaders will find that the same work applies to you! Everyone is welcome, even total beginners. Everyone is working at their level, and I can adapt what we are doing to make it more basic—or more advanced—for each dancer.

If you have 1 lb. leg weights, please bring them along. Wear layers, as we are the first people in the room for the day, and it’s not always warm at first. Bring your dancing shoes: practice shoes are also ok.

Wednesdays from noon to 1 PM


  • Drop in: $15/person

  • Punchcard for 10 lessons: $120 (to be used in 4 months)


There is no parking lot: sorry! When we do weekend or evening classes, U.S. Bank lot across the street can be used. There is free street parking, but come a few minutes early to make sure to find a space. Please don’t park in the tea house parking.


Claude Laviano photography--Thank you Claude!!

Claude Laviano photography--Thank you Claude!!