Quick updates for Salem Tango I & II

Hi folks! Sorry about the long wait for weekly updates: sick kiddo and then sick myself.  I'm back on-planet!

Tango I: Boy, have we done a lot in two weeks!

  • Walking in center "track" or "lane" in parallel system
  • Walking to the "outside" in parallel system
  • "Maybe, no" to the "inside" in parallel system
  • "Maybe, yes, cross" to the inside in parallel system
  • pauses (with or without adornos--ornaments)
  • Walking in Quick, Quick, Slow (QQS) rhythm (sometimes called a corrida, or "little run")
  • The embrace

This week, we'll review "maybe, no" and "maybe, yes, cross" as well as learning the salida ("exit") and front ochos ("figure eights") at the cross.  We'll play games with elasticity and density (and I'll write about that this coming week, hopefully).  We'll also start learning about the music of tango: Pugliese and di Sarli's orchestras, for starters. See you soon!

Tango II: I'll write more this coming week, I promise!  This will be week III for milonga.  We'll review everything this week, as well as adding several new variations for ocho cortado and the Gardelito (Gardel's step).