New classes start October 28th

Due to some family issues, I will not be teaching in Vancouver for the next six-week session, but I AM offering my Portland classes. I will be teaching beginning and intermediate tango levels, plus milonga traspie on Wednesday nights (see class descriptions below).


Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center
5340 N Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR

$60/person for six-week session; $12/class drop-in
No preregistration necessary
No partner necessary

Wednesdays @ 6 PM: Beginning Argentine Tango/Tango Basics for all levels

This class covers walking in parallel system, walking to the cross, basic front and back ochos, basic turns; musicality; navigation; the embrace; energy, correct body alignment and basic exercises to build technique. It is perfect for a first-time dancer, an intermediate dancer who is polishing their tango fundamentals, or an intermediate or advanced dancer who is learning the other role (lead or follow).

I teach from a body-based approach. I feel it is important to find and use the body's balance, alignment and breath. I apply my anatomy and kinesiology training from my M.A. in Dance to help you find a body-efficient path to tango. Read my teaching bio for more of a taste of my approach.

I think that too many people forget that dancing (and therefore, tango) is supposed to be fun! We'll work on building an improvisational, playful, energized dance, right from the start.

Wednesdays @ 7 PM: Milonga Traspie (co-taught by Robert Hauk)

This session, Robert and I will focus on basic milonga traspie (a fast dance related to tango that has both elegance and groove). We will learn how to syncopate in milonga, building both dance vocabulary and musicality. This class is aimed at intermediate and advanced dancers.

Each week, we will focus on a set of related steps and movement information. By the end of the session, you will have a bunch of cool new moves and combinations to let you rock the dance floor!

Wednesdays @ 8 PM: Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate Tango

This class is for students who have reached intermediate level (or higher) in their dance, and are looking to learn new material. Each week, we'll work on new exercises, games and material that build your tango. Each six-week session will cover different material than the session before; the plan is to create a year-long course of tango study, whether you drop in from time to time, or make a commitment to weekly tango exploration.

I teach from a strong body-based model. Correct alignment, use of muscles and breath, are super-important. Also, learning to electrify tango through energy work, making your dance elegant and sensuous. Find your own style, experiment, play. Fun is a main component of tango for me. We'll play movement games to help build improvisational skills, new combinations and a new approach to the dance.

We'll be done in time for you to hop on your bikes, on the MAX, and into your cars to get down to the Wednesday night alternative milonga at Norse Hall.

Private lessons

Private lesson times are available  during the day (weekdays), and on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. These are at my house. Please email or call to schedule. The cost is $50/hr or five for $200.

Sharing lessons: The cost for private lessons is the same for 1-4 people. I have an intermediate couple who would like to share lessons with another couple. They learn quickly, are detail-oriented, and are a lot of fun. Currently, they are scheduled for 7 PM on Tuesdays, but there may be some flexibility. Please contact me if you are interested, and I will put you in touch with each other to see if you are a good fit for sharing lessons.