Review sheets coming!

I've posted the milonga class review sheet as a page (look at the right-hand column of my blog).  That took a while, as the steps are simple--not easy, but simple-- but describing them in words is difficult! I've included one diagram of how I write down steps: if that helps you, please let me know, and I'll add diagrams for the variations.

Tango Fundamentals: I'm working on the last three weeks.  I already posted the rest on the blog, but I'll include it again in the page so that you can print out everything together.

Intermediate Tango: Parts of this session are in the blog, but I'll gather all the information into one page. I hope to be done today, as the holidays are catching up to me.

Remember: next session starts January 6th at Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, 5340 N. Interstate Ave. in NE Portland.  Intermediate class is now at 7 PM, with milonga following at 8 PM. Tango Fundamentals remains in the 6 PM slot. $60/person for six weeks or $12 drop-in. Hope to see all of you back for more!