Classes start on January 6th! Come dance!

Happy New Year! It's time for class again, time to work off those holiday cookies (for me, at least).

All classes will be held at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, 5340 N Interstate Ave. (Killingsworth MAX station)

$60/six weeks or $12 drop-in

No partner needed, no pre-registration needed; just show up!

Not sure what section you should come to? Drop-in to all of them on Wednesday to make a decision!

Levels and description:

Tango Fundamentals/Beginning Tango

6-7 PM Wednesdays, IFCC

  • Great for diving deeper into the dance, or starting off for your first tango class.
  • This class will focus on correct posture, balance and energy to make tango easy on your body
  • We will learn (or polish) basic tango steps: walks, turns, ochos, the cruzada, etc.
  • Musicality: Make your partner swoon with your amazing use of the music!
  • Navigation: Just in time for Valentango! Learn how to avoid crashes and have fun.
  • FUN: Tango is an improvisational dance. Although there's a lot of technique involved, there is also a lot of room to play, break rules, and mess around!
  • Tango culture and etiquette: how do you ask for a dance? What is a tanda? As a dance anthropologist, I teach not just the dance, but the cultural rules surrounding it.

Intermediate Tango

  • Topics for this session include volcadas, ganchos, and tango vals--and anything YOU need/want/desire.
  • As usual, we focus on deepening body awareness, improving posture, balance, energy and connection with the partner.
  • Musicality: This session, we'll work on vals timing vs. tango timing; really using the music to make the dance rock.
  • Energy: What really makes a dancer intermediate or advanced is their use of energy and the clarity of that intention to the partner. We'll work on building energy levels to make your tango more sexy, powerful, more GRRRROWL in your dance.
  • Improvisation: Tango is not just about set steps. We'll look at connecting steps, finding new patterns, and playing with the dance.
  • Navigation: With Valentango coming up, we'll play some navigational games to make cool moves work in small spaces with less angst.

Milonga Traspie with Robert Hauk and myself

  • Robert Hauk and I are again combining forces to offer a milonga class.
  • New moves! This session, we'll be doing traspie/rebound moves, ocho cortado, saucy stuff I've learned in Bs As, mixed with Robert's horde of repertoire.
  • Navigation: Learn to tailor the size of your steps to the room you have, not cut down your vocabulary just because it's crowded on the dance floor.
  • Come get your milonga on for Valentango!