Chacarera class coming up for Buenos Aires night at Norse Hall!

Because I came to tango from a folkdance background, I have always loved chacarera. Julio Gordillo taught me: he traded me hours of English lessons for hours of folkloric dance. I couldn't find a clear video of him dancing chacarera, but there's a fuzzy one below. I've attended evenings of folkdancing in Buenos Aires, as well dancing sets of chacarera at milongas. Recently, I've reviewed with Oscar and Georgina, so I've included their video below as well.

There are chacarera dobles and simples. The simples have 6- or 8-count forms. I think the 8-count form is easier to learn, so that's what I always teach. We will leave the other forms for another time. Those of you who are coming to chacarera class on September 8th at Norse Hall at 7:30-8:30, spend a few minutes going over this order, and it will help stick it in your head for the class!


Chacarera simple (8 count)

  • avance y retroceso (advanced and retreat): 4 sets of "1-2-3" movement in a diamond shape CCW
  • giro: 4 sets of "1-2-3"  in small CCW circle that meets your partner in the middle and keeps going back to own side
  • vuelta entera: 8 "1-2-3"s of CCW trade places with your partner to the other side of the dance, and come back
  • zapateo y zarandeo: 8 "1-2-3"s of what I tend to call "the stampy bits" for the guys and flourishes for the women (key: If you say "Talega de pan" over and over, it gives you the right beat for the moves for the guys)
  • vuelta entera: same as above
  • zapateo y zarandeo: same as above
  • media vuelta: 4 "1-2-3"s to change places with partner CCW
  • giro con coronacion: 4 "1-2-3"s to do a small giro and end in the center, facing partner


 A couple versions to watch and get ready for Buenos Aires night:

Oscar Mandagaran & Georgina Vargas dance social chacarera

Julio Gordillo dancing chacarera (a bit fuzzy, sorry!)

Crazy things to dream about while doing the zapateos!


OK, that's enough to get you excited, I hope!