$5 specials on May 21st, and new classes starting

It's that time again! $5 classes for a night of fun at the Om Studio, 14 NE 10th. Check us out on Facebook: I try to post the topics for each week's classes on our page.

7 PM Body Dynamics

This class is more like a traditional technique dance class than a tango class. We start with tango-specific stretches. Then, we do drills and exercises to polish fundamentals (front, side, back steps; pivots, etc.). Finally, we spend the rest of class on specific moves, often linked to what I will be teaching that week in either the advanced class (8 PM Mondays) or the 8 PM Thursday class (mostly intermediate dancers).

Come check it out! Wear something that allows you to lie down on the floor. Not a flexible person? This class is for you! I can always modify exercises to fit your needs.

8 PM Chacarera

Back by popular demand! This fun Argentine folk dance is easy to pick in terms of survival skills: which direction to head, which figure comes next, how not to crash, etc. If we have time, we will also work on the men's zapateo fancy footwork and the women's zarandeo of flirty, beautiful patterns.

Thursday nights start a new dance session on May 24th. Top 10 Tango moves is at 7 PM, and Next 10 Tango Moves is at 8 PM. The summer classes will be for 10 weeks for $80 (I assume folks will miss a few weeks for vacation). Summer special: take Top 10 AND Next 10 for 10 weeks simultaneously for $125! This special is only for the summer.

Monday nights will restart June 4th, as Graciela Gonzalez will be here Memorial Day Monday. 7 PM will be Body Dynamics, and 8 PM will be the Advanced level of tango for people with either three years of experience, or teacher's permission. The price is $60/6 weeks, or both classes for $90.