Music day!

Today I went in search of music. Where? Lavalle 2039, Piso 1. Buenos Aires Tango Club. You need to ring the bell, and a voice mumbles something. Ask for Euro Records or Buenos Aires Tango Club, and they will open two sets of doors via buzzer. They are open M-F, 11-6ish.


These folks at Buenos Aires Tango Club/Euro Records are a treasure trove of information--and that's with the director on vacation! Plan time into your schedule to visit, especially if you like to learn about tango music. I never make it out of there in under an hour (it was almost two hours today, I think). They are extremely helpful and knowledgible, and I emerge with my head stuffed with new information. Sometimes, I even remember some of it!

I remembered my list for some friends: a lot of Canaro with Maida singing, some Rodriguez, some d'Arienzo. I forgot my own list, and ended up with a completely different bunch of CDs than I had planned. Now that I have found my list, I will probably go over next week again and pick up a few more.

What did I get?

  • More Lomuto, a favorite of mine. 
  • Canaro with Maida singing: after listening to the songs I was buying for a friend, I bought some myself. However, a guy came in while I was there and wanted one CD: the one I'd just bought, and there were no more copies. I earned karma points: I handed over my copy.    
  • Some great d'Arienzo from the early 1940s.
  • Di Sarli with Podesta and Rufino singing. 
  • Pugliese from the early-mid-40s.
  • A CD of "forgotten" orchestras: Today I met Cayetano Puglisi; Luis Petrucelli; Juan Guido; Carlos Marcucci; Juan Canaro; Roberto Zerrillo; Juan Carlos Cobian; and Francisco Lauro.
  • Alfred de Angelis with Oscar Larroca singing. I heard this at Plaza Bohemia on Sunday evening, and asked the DJ what he had played. I had never heard the songs, and they were really intense. Thus, a new CD and perhaps a new favorite tanda for a while!

The main thing I forgot to get was Fresedo. I am enjoying his music more than I ever have before, and I want some more to play. Ah, well, their office is only a few blocks away.