Out and about

The weather today was so perfect that it's almost impossible to remember how awful it was yesterday. It's sunny, with medium temperatures, low humidity, a bit of a breeze: is this the same city??

Neotango visit #2

I bought another pair of shoes and dropped them off at the shoe repair I used last year, in order to compare quality of work with the other place I used this year. The shoes will be ready tomorrow: beautiful, black suede with cut-out details in the heels. Neotango strikes gold again!

By the way, those of you who don't like high, high heels, rejoice! Apparently, there is less of a demand for 9 cm heels (the high ones like I wear) because people have trouble dancing well in them. There is now more of a demand for 8.5 cm heels and lower heels. I must have looked alarmed, because I was assured that they would keep making the high ones for those of us who like them.


Really, the salespeople there are some of the nicest I have met! I am not sure how to spell Ariel's name, but he is the one who usually helps me.


Cheap clothes

Summer here can be a lot hotter than you think it will be. Although prices everywhere are higher than before, there are still some bargains around. One place I like to go for capris and summer T-shirts is Basicos Buenos Aires (Av. Rivadavia 2297). You can't try things on, as it's mostly a wholesale place where you can buy retail at a slightly higher price. It's all synthetic, but I use capris from that store at least every other day when I teach and it's warm. I bought a pair of capris for 50 pesos, and a sleeveless top for 30 pesos. At official prices, that's not too bad, and at "alternative market" prices, it's quite a deal.


Books in English

I go to Rincon 9 (new location, Junin 44) because they have a great selection of children's books in Spanish, and I am still clinging to the hope that my son will not lose all his Spanish now that he is in English-language school. However, Rincon 9 has an excellent selection of books in English as well. I don't know if they speak English there; I should have asked.


Nice person who rents rooms

I danced with a very nice man today at El Maipu who rents rooms in San Telmo. He has lived in San Telmo for 40 years! I have not seen his place, but I have heard of it from several people. Unlike a lot of people who are dancing in order to get students or provide other services, he didn't tell me about it until after we had discussed a bunch of other things.


The best ice cream I have had so far

I went back to Victoria Cafe (Av. Entre Rios 114, on the corner of Hipolito Yrigoyen, across the street from the Congreso building. We ate there quite a bit last year, so I went to see how it was this year. The waiter, Sergio, remembered me and asked after my friend; I took his picture for her.


I ordered the special of the day (58 pesos), an amazing lasagna with spinach, sweet peppers, mushrooms, ham and some unidentified "meat" with "Parisian sauce" that came with homemade ice cream for dessert. I chose lemon, as it's my favorite flavor: WOW! I didn't remember artesanal ice cream from the year before, and the waiter told me that they had only begun making it a few months ago. Yummy, yummy, yummy! I just wish there had been less lasagna: I couldn't finish my ice cream!

I am walking everywhere this year, but I don't think I'm losing weight.