Zamba is the most complex dance that we tackled. Somehow, its timing is a lot harder than chacarera, chamame and escondido. Also, Sole and I were taught different variants of this dance, so it has been hard for us to teach "one" way to do it :-)

When you add that both of us learned to dance it to the music, changing directions when the music said to do so, you can see how hard it was for both of us to learn to count it for the rest of you! Also, if you go online, you will find SO many different ways to teach it/dance it, that in the end, we are trying to teach all of you to hear the music and dance the way we learned. We know this is driving those of you who like to have a concrete plan, totally crazy. We continue to try to figure out an easier way to count.

Dance chart

Dance videos

Video one: an older couple with a very dignified, pretty zamba

Video two: my tango teachers dancing a zamba. Oscar was a national malambo champion, so his folk dancing is really something!

Video three: I love this song!! It is Los Manseros Santiagueños playing El Amoroso


Music for dancing zamba

  • Al jardín de la república (this video is the magical Mercedes Sosa, but we danced to Los Fronterizos)
  •  Paisajes de Catamarca (Los Chalchaleros)
  • Viene Clareando (Los Chalchaleros)--OK, OK, I like the Chalchaleros!
  • Perfume de Carnaval (Peteco Carabajal and others)
  • Pongale por las hileras (Los Travadores de Cuyo)--video
  • El Amoroso (Los Manseros Santiagueños)
  •  Zamba para no morir (Hernán Figueroa Reyes)

  • Cartas de amor que se queman--cute video

  • La añera (the legendary Atahualpa Yupanqui)

And, again, I will add Sole's favorites later on.