Upcoming classes start next week!

My Monday and Thursday night classes will start a new six-week session next week.  Come check it out:

  • 14 NE 10th, PDX (one block from Norse Hall)
  • $12 drop in
  • $60 for 6 week session
  • $90 for any two classes taken in the same session (i.e. Body Dynamics & Adv.)

Class topics/descriptions:

Body Dynamics (7 PM Mondays, Int/Adv)

This is the class that will improve your dance the fastest, but it is "no vacation!". Each session, we work on stretches and drills that will help in 8 PM classes on Thursdays AND Mondays. Wear clothing to stretch on the floor, and bring both socks and your dance shoes. This is a true tango workout!


Take It To The Next Level (8 PM Mondays, Advanced)

This class will focus on single-axis turns and multiple turns this session.  We will use drags and sacadas in combinations that work well with the single-axis turns to create fun combinations for the advanced dancer. We will learn some new adornos to play with on the dance floor. Connection, musicality and sensuality, here we come!


Top 10 Tango Moves (7 PM Thursdays, Beg/Int)

This class focuses on getting the basics down, dance-floor-ready, and connected to your partner.  For more advanced dancers, get the little details you never learned as a beginner! We always do some work on walking technique, plus some other topics.  This session, we'll do front and back ochos, basic paradas, and adornos for lead and follow for creativity and musicality.

Next 10 Tango Moves (8 PM Thursdays, Int./Adv. Int.)

Designed to add more repertoire for the dance floor, navigation and musicality for leaders AND followers, this class learns a new combination each week that is ready to take over to Norse Hall and use by the end of the hour.   This session will cover turns with a parada, a lapiz and/or enrosque for the leaders; and turn technique as well as more advanced adornos for the followers.


No pre-registration required: just show up!