Thought for the day

I've been reading a few books at the same time, as usual. I am reading Josh Waitzkin's "The Art of Learning: a journey in the pursuit of excellence" during my morning tea. Here's what I found today for all of you who are struggling to attain a higher level in your tango practice:

The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process, and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity. Usually, growth comes at the expense of previous comfort of safety. The hermit crab is a colorful example of a creature that lives by this aspect of the growth process (albeit without our psychological baggage). As the crab gets bigger, it needs to find a more spacious shell. . . . [Someone afraid to try and fail] is like an anorexic hermit crab, starving itself so it doesn't grow to have to find a new shell. (Waitzkin: 33)

Get out there and GROW!