Buenos Aires tour Fall 2019!

10 days in Buenos Aires in early December 2019

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Here in Portland, Oregon, the days are shortening towards Winter Solstice, and I am DONE with the lack of light. That’s why I love to head south to the LONGEST days of the year in early December! Come join me me next year for ten days in Buenos Aires!

This tour is designed for a maximum of 5 couples/10 individuals. I want to introduce you to my favorite places to dance, eat, explore and just hang out. I am working on assembling a group that enjoy each other’s company and want to do things together; people you would want to stay friends with when you return! There is room for 2 more people: will you be one of them?

Get in on the planning stage

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I am just starting to plan the trip, and it will be tailored to what the participants want to do. I plan to do an all-day tour of Buenos Aires on bike; or the half that I didn’t get to last time. A trip out to the Parana Delta overnight to my friend’s B & B that can only be reached by boat is a possibility, as is a one-day trip out to an estancia for horseback riding, BBQ and getting out of town.

Where will we stay?

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We will stay in Palermo Soho. Tour participants will stay either in a hotel or a B&B apartment with kitchen, depending on what they want. Everyone will be within a few blocks of each other. There are tons of restaurants nearby, as well as food stores. Transportation is easy from this area, but lots of places are walkable as well.

How do you want to spend your time?

Do you want to take tango lessons? I know great teachers and can set up lessons for you. What about Spanish classes? Yup, got that covered, too. Do you just want to go do tango 24-7? I will help you pick out milongas that match your level, and accompany you dancing. Shoe shopping? You bet!!

Do you want to stay longer?

Are you planning on a longer trip? I can get you situated for a longer stay; help you plan for Iguazu Falls or a side trip to Patagonia or Mendoza: part of your tour cost is my planning time, dedicated just to you!

Please join us!

I love Buenos Aires, and I want you to love Buenos Aires. Let me help you fall in love with this city! If you are interested, contact me for more information, cost, etc.