First Friday Quickstart and Practica in Beaverton

It’s time to dance in Beaverton! Beginning lesson, practice time, and socializing/food afterwards! One hour of tango basics, another half hour of practice time (or 1.5 hours of practice time if you want to come and do your own thing)—and then let’s go across the street to Ex Novo for socializing! I think it’s important for people to enjoy some non-tango time together to get to know each other. I have checked, and Ex Novo allows minors, has some gluten-free options (yay for me!) as well as drinks and regular food. Please come!

  • September 6th, October 4th & November 1st

  • 7-8:30 PM

  • Global Art of Dance, 12570 SW Farmington Rd.

  • $15/person or $25/couple

  • Everyone welcome, no age limit

  • No partner needed

  • Just show up: no preregistration needed

Hope to see you there!