What's your favorite Buenos Aires milonga and neighborhood?

What is my favorite place to stay when I am in Buenos Aires? It depends. I have stayed in San Telmo, Villa Crespo, the area around the Abasto, and near the Parque Centenario. For the first few visits, I stayed in San Telmo because I knew my way around there. All of the other visits, I have stayed with friends in various neighborhoods. Each time, I decide that my favorite area is the one I am staying in currently.

The last three times I visited Buenos Aires, I stayed in Congreso. I know all the milongas in the area, and I can walk to a lot of them. I rarely take a taxi to other parts of town, although I ride the subte (subway). My favorite shoe shop is there. My favorite empanada place is there (but now I can't eat gluten, sob!). My favorite milonga is there.

This year, the place I used to stay is not available, and I am looking for a new adventure. Perhaps I have gotten complacent, going to the same places to dance and eat. Maybe I need to be nudged into a new experience. Maybe I am just getting old and lazy :-)

I am curious: what is YOUR favorite neighborhood, and why?

Also, what is YOUR favorite milonga, and why?