Returning to the known from a new unknown: gaining perspective

I have been spinning wool for over ten years. I had two intensive days of lessons with an expert, and then worked on my own. Unlike my tango, I didn't try to improve through added feedback; I just liked the feel of spinning. After all, it worked fine: I could make yarn and make gifts out of it for people.

I recently got the itch to improve my technique. I started watching YouTube videos (yes, eek, to those of you who know my opinion on learning tango this way). I took an entire day of classes in September at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.

At the festival, I learned to spin cotton, flax, hemp and ramie--all plant fibers. The technique is different than what you need for wool. Then, I spun cotton for an entire month. I have recently made a 4-ply cotton yarn. It's not perfect by a long shot, but I am proud of it.

Late last night, I got out some Corriedale wool, and I SPIN SO NICELY NOW!!!! It feels so silky! I can tell how much twist it wants to have in it. I can spin more evenly and thinner AND faster than two months ago. And it I learned it by walking away from my old practice, trying something new, and returning.

I am excited to think that my Buenos Aires trip in December will open up new perspectives on tango the way spinning a new fiber made my "regular" spinning evolve.